Welcome to ESD Ltd The PCB Assembly Specialists

Welcome to ESD Ltd PCB Assembly Specialist

We’re delighted that you’ve found our website. Thank you for visiting.

We would like to get to know you better. We are not a very big company, and enjoy building relationships with each of our customers. This benefits us both, enabling us to mutually grow our businesses though better understanding of your particular PCB Assembly needs.

Please contact us for more information about how we can tailor our production services to suit YOUR needs.

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Flexibility of Production

Here at ESD electronic assembly is what we do. Our production is planned to suit YOUR needs. We build and test complete assemblies ready for you to despatch to your customer, or build partial assemblies depending on your business needs. If you run out of production capacity please contact ESD to find out how we can support you.


We offer competitive pricing for your electronic assembly needs.

ESD can procure all or some of your components, or work entirely with free-issued components if preferred. We will work with you to ensure your specification is met whilst doing our best to give you value for money.

High Volume

Using high speed surface mount lines we can cater for high volume surface mount assemblies on a dedicated production line.

Friendly People

ESD Is a family owned and run company. We are friendly, and like to support our customers to ensure that their business is successful.

What We Do

Our highly experienced assembly operatives and purchasing team together enable us to offer a comprehensive, cost effective service to clients.

Our customer base is wide, ranging from a one-person business to multi-national blue-chip companies.


Surface Mount Assembly

ESD offer surface mount production, from prototype quantities to large volume production runs on multiple SMT machines.

Final Assembly

Our skilled team inspect and test your product, building it into your housings and package it ready for you to put on your shelf, ready to ship out to your customer with confidence.

Through Hole Assembly

Our automated Axial and Radial insertion machines make quick work of volume production of conventional components.

Contract Management

Our team work together to ensure that your assembly is built to specification. We’re not afraid to ask questions… we want to be sure that the product we build meets your expectations in every way.


ESD will purchase the exact component parts listed in your BOM from our Approved Vendors list. For those hard-to-find or long-lead-time components cross referencing is used and a wide network of suppliers to ensure no delays. ESD will never change your design and any part substitutions will require your prior approval.