Company History- UK Electronics assembly

History of ESD Ltd. – UK PCB Assembly Specialist.

  • 1999

    Customer Driven

    Paul was employed as a sales rep for a large electronics distribution company, soon he became the person that customers relied on for help. That business was sold at the same time as a lot of electronics distributors moved out of the UK. At this point Paul's biggest customer approached him asking for help with procurement. Paul met their needs by setting up ESD to source computer consumables and components. It all started with a customer request. What can ESD, PCB Assembly Specialist, do for you?

  • 2001

    Going into Production

    As customers require more from Paul, Linda joins him and helps out with assembly work. She assembles prototypes and small quantity batches which soon lead to the need for a production line. ESD then starts to offer sub contract electronic assembly.

  • 2002


    In May 2002 Essential Services and Distribution became a limited company. ESD Ltd.

  • 2008

    New headquarters

    ESD continues to grow, employing more staff and needing more space. Our new home was a large premises with both production and office space in Netherton. We expanded the production facilities through the purchase of more machines to meet our growing customer demand.

  • 2010


    ESD worked hard and gained accreditation to ISO9001:2008. (Now accredited to ISO9001:2015). Our certificate is on our downloads page.

  • 2014

    New Improved Premesis

    ESD moved into a much larger premises in 2014. We now have room to expand, a better location and are able to offer greater flexibility to meet customer requirements. More parking spaces make visiting us easier too!

  • 2018


    Once more customer needs drove change at ESD. Customers requirements for high volume surface mount production leads to the purchase of a new production line. This is installed at a second facility on-site in Stourbridge. This facility competes with off-shore assembly.

  • Today

    Getting to Know ESD

    We are a customer-focused company. We love to discuss how ESD can best support You and Your business, so please do get in touch.

ESD Are proud to be UK PCB Assembly Specialists.

We are ISO9001:2015 Accredited

UK Assembly so we show a Union Jack Flag
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