Final Electronic Assembly

Final Electronic Assembly

ESD are proud to be a Contract Electronics Manufacturer in the UK.

Here at ESD we know that ‘Final Assembly’ can have a different meaning for each and every customer. Why not maximise the flexibility of our production facility here at ESD, and ask us to finish your assembly to the level required for your business.

Hand Assembly

Our skilled team fit those components that the machines are unable to automatically place or that require special handling. They then inspect each assembly to ensure that it meets customer specification.


All surface mount assemblies are inspected using AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) equipment. This inspection includes component type, value and orientation. Our inspection team carefully check each assembly before it is transferred to be tested then final assembled, and lastly packaged for despatch.


ESD carry out customer tests where possible, often on bespoke test equipment. These are in accordance with customer instructions and set tolerances. We like to ensure that everything we despatch is ready to be used upon reaching you.

Box Assembly

Here at ESD we are pleased to offer customers the option of receiving complete, boxed and ready to sell products. We can carry out a final boxed-test prior to despatch too, ensuring that you stock only product which is ready to send direct to your customer upon receipt of their order.