Final Electronic Assembly

ESD are proud to be a Contract Electronics Manufacturer in the UK.

We only manufacture in the UK, and do not sub-contract to other countries. Indeed, most of our sourcing is from within the UK.

Final Electronic Assembly

Here at ESD we know that the term ‘Final Assembly’ has a different meaning for each and every one of our customers. As such we despatch products after any production stage, at customer request. For example: after surface mount only, a partial build or as complete, tested products.

To cater for more complex or higher quantity assemblies we maintain a flexible layout on site. This then enables us to set up manufacturing cells suitable for different products at short notice.

Hand Assembly

Automatic machine fitting of components is not always possible. Some components are too heavy or awkward, indeed, not all are available in production packaging. Our skilled operatives hand fit these items, and then inspect each assembly to ensure that customer specification is met.


Each surface mount assembly is inspected using AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) equipment. This inspection includes the component location, type, value and also it’s orientation. Our inspection team carefully check each hand assembly then transfer it for testing or final assembly. Finally products are packed for despatch. We can use your preferred packaging materials.


Upon request ESD test assemblies to spec. We often use our own test equipment. For more complex test procedures, however, we use bespoke equipment. We can build test equipment to meet customer’s test requirements.

Box Assembly

ESD carry out an electronic box-build service for customers. After testing a product we assemble it into the final housing prior to despatch.
We can also carry out a final working test prior to despatch too. This will also remove the hassle of final assembly from you whilst providing you with customer-ready stock.

Some of the products that have been fully tested and assembled by ESD include: power supplies’ personal alarms and street lights.