Why Electronic Prototyping?

Electronic PCB prototyping allows for a thorough assessment of your design. You can also use a physical prototype to demonstrate new design ideas to your customers and receive valuable pre-production feedback.

For example, does the design correctly carry out all the functions you and your customers required? Is the PCBA performance to the expected level?
Upon request we will give feedback about your design with regards to any production issues raised during the prototyping stage. For example, we can let you know if all the components fit comfortably together on the PCB. Any amendments of your design at this stage will have low cost implications compared to after a production run.

Affordable and Accurate Prototyping

Our prototype service is affordable, and accurate. We can work with your free-issued components, or buy the components for you. We can do surface mount and through-hole prototyping and if requested will offer constructive feedback on the assembly process of your design.


ESD pride ourselves in our quality prototyping assembly service, and customers are delighted with the quality of the product they receive.

3D Cad image of a PCB Assembly

Our Prototype Services

  • Procurement of all components and PCBs
  • Working with all or some free-issued components / PCBs.
  • Single or double sided boards
  • Surface mount / Through hole or mixed technology
  • Quantities from one off.
  • Component size down to 0402.
  • Feedback on any production concerns from the initial build.
  • Fast turnaround available on request.