Through Hole Assembly

Through Hole Assembly

The legs of Through hole (also known as conventional) components pass through the PCB and soldered to secure them in place. Through Hole assembly is frequently used in products such as power supplies and other equipment that requires heavy-duty components.

At ESD we regularly use our automatic insertion machines to give customers a fast turnaround compared to hand assembly alone. Our automated pcb assembly equipment has a pitch range of 2.5 to 5.0mm. We use our flow-solder machine for a quick, quality turnaround.

Advantages of Automatic insertion of Through Hole Components

  • Higher speed assembly when compared to hand placement
  • The detection of ejected parts
  • Interference-free insertions
  • Provides a strong mechanical connection with the pcb. This is especially useful in vibrating environments, or where the PCB may be flexed.

Medical tools, automotive gauges, hotel lighting, traffic lights, road signs, X-ray machines, decorative lighting, people counters, personal alarms, vehicle counting, mixing desks, weighing scales, train cabs, pottery kilns, cleaning equipment, children’s rides, power supplies and weaving looms are some of the industries where you can find ESD produced assemblies.