Wiring Looms

Wiring Looms

ESD are delighted to now offer a bespoke wiring loom service alongside our PCB assembly manufacturing facility. The cable harness assembly work is carried out by Integrated Technology Ltd who joined us on  ESD Business Park in Stourbridge in 2019. Integrated Technology manufacture simple to complex bespoke looms – helping customers all the way from their design, sourcing of the materials, prototyping and into production.


Complete Traceability

Through affiliation with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to manufacture UL approved looms, I.T. are one of a limited number of UK suppliers with the ability to manufacture looms UL certified for the Americas and Canada. (UL File No: E471558). These are Uniquely labelled for traceability.

UL’s wiring harness traceability programme allows end-product manufacturers to accept wiring harnesses manufactured off site (or by a third party) with confidence while mitigating the risks associated with the introduction of non-compliant cable into their products.

Only those looms bearing the UL Certification Mark should be considered as being covered by UL’s Certification and Follow-Up Service.


Our Quality Promise

  • Our in house harness tester can be configured to check the continuity of your loom, and identifies both open and short circuits, no matter how complex the loom or which connectors are used.
  • Each loom is also inspected against your golden sample to ensure your compliance to your specification.
  • Crimp joint testing is carried out on a daily basis by experienced team members to ensure the quality of our workmanship in line with UL requirements.
  • We are accredited with ISO9001:2015.


  • From one off samples to full scale production runs.
  • Cost Effective wiring looms.
  • 100% supplied and assembled in the UK.
  • Our wiring looms are manufactured to your exact design specification.
  • High quality wiring loom solutions.

Contact Us

In partnership with Integrated Technology, ESD can now supply complete assembly comprising of loom and PCBA product assemblies, all from a single, one-stop manufacturing shop! Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Products in which Integrated Technology’s Looms can be found include: Medical, Retail, Media, Entertainment, Children’s Rides, Cleaning Equipment, Displays and Extraction Equipment to name a few.