Problem Solving

Experts in Problem Solving and PCB Rework

Here at ESD we offer an extensive range of problem solving and rework services. We offer a bespoke service for every job, specially tailored for the client. We have previously helped clients with a
wide range of issues such as; part sourcing, rework, order deadlines, initial build, multiple versions with the same master PCBA and more

We also offer an extensive purchasing and procurement service. We are experts in the market and ensure we identify customer needs, prioritise customer relationships, communicating our progress and negotiating to ensure best value for money.

Our experience in managing obsolete or difficult to find parts is next to none, with our experienced team we are almost always able to source your required parts, please ask for our help.

Our Services

  • Problem Solving
  • Hand Building
  • Initial Build & Low cost Prototyping
  • Scheduled Orders
  • Large Order Fulfilment
  • Experienced Purchasing Team
  • Procurement of all or some of your materials
  • Offering lower cost solutions where possible
  • Rework / Correction of foreign assemblies

Our Experience Talks

PCB Rework

Sometimes last minute design changes mean that modifications are needed to your PCBA. At ESD we are often able to make bespoke modifications to existing PCBAs. Fir example components can be removed or replaced as specified. This can be most cost effective than returning to the original manufacturer and often incurring expensive shipping costs.

Reasons for Rework

  • Poor solder joints due to fault assembly or thermal cycling
  • Solder bridge – unwanted drops of solder that connects points that should be isolated from each other
  • Part changes and upgrades
pcb prototyping
pcb parts and accessories

Our Procurement Services

ESD can procure all or some of your bill of materials; or work entirely with free-issued components if preferred. We will work with you to ensure your specification is met whilst doing our best to give you great value for money.

In general we purchase the exact component parts listed in your BOM from our Approved Suppliers list. Typically for standard passive components that we hold in stock we will ask for permission to use these generic parts.

We know that buying awkward components as well as solving obsolescence issues are common headaches in our industry. Our team work hard to ensure that you experience as little pain as possible when buying from ESD. We may also ask questions of your technical team to ensure that these parts meet your BOM requirements.

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